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    Hello, I hope to be able to set the Pre eMail app to "plain-text" for message creation. Is this possible, or is it always HTML-formatted?

    I have searched the Pre user guide and these forums, but have not found the answer.

    My first post, and I haven't gotten the Pre yet, but have been reading many posts here and hope to get one when my Verizon contract is up... THANKS!
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    I was wondering this same thing. There are mailing lists that won't allow posting in HTML.
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    I am profoundly sorry to have to inform you that this can't be done. Believe me, if it could I would have done it on my Pre. I detest HTML in email.
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    Not possible. Sorry. See my other posts on the subject.

    Even worse,
    the text/plain part that the phone sends is garbage with HTML escape codes, lack of links for things you are trying to share, etc.

    I especially love how you can't keep WebOS from HTML-ifying your signature.

    This stuff should at least be an option. If not, at least FIX IT. I don't know why the mail app even bothers with multipart, since you can't mark up anything you are writing anyway. Pointless.
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    Is anybody listening to us here? Please fix this, and please let us post plain text email.

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