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    Does any one know if the app beampro works with the pre? Its supposed to be able to allow beaming of files to non palm phones. Any help would be appreciated
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    well that would be an unfortunate no since the pre has no IR transmitter/receiver (nothing to beam with or receive)
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    As Sedah said, the Pre doesn't have an IR port--many phones released these days don't. However, there are other options available, such as transfer over bluetooth, WiFi or USB
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    Well BeamPro is a program that is supposed to allow files to be transferred through Blue Tooth capability to non palm phones. I contacted the company and their reply was they didn't know if it would work. The reason is I had the HTC Touch Pro, I tried to transfer a contact and a picture from my HTC to the Pre. My Pre reconized the HTC in my Blue Tooth but when I tried to beam the file over it keeps saying failed on the HTC. So am I doing something wrong or is just not compatible and if not BeamPro gave me a copie of the program to try it. I just haven't installed it yet.
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    If I understand correctly what BeamPro is, you're running it under Classic, correct? If so, then that's the problem right there. At this point in time, Classic cannot yet make use of Bluetooth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Classic Features List, from

    What other restrictions exist in Classic, comparing to real Palm OS devices?

    The following Palm OS features are not supported in Classic:
    • Access to built-in camera
    • Access to external hardware devices through Bluetooth, serial or USB ports. Access to network peripherals is supported.
    • Palm OS development tools, like POSE, Gremlins, debuggers and similar
    • Audio/video codecs - due to licensing limitations there are no built-in audio/video codecs in Classic (e.g. MP3, MP4, AMR and others available on Centro).
    Until or unless they make the necessary improvements to Classic, no Palm OS app will be able utilize Bluetooth. Sorry, I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear.

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