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    I downloaded this a few days ago and have yet to see it work. I keep trying to search for tickets, I can get a results list but when I select a result, it goes to a blank page. I can page through each ad, but the ad does not show. Sometimes a blue line moves on the top of the screen but that's it.

    Has this ever worked? Is there a way to make it work? I even deleted it and just reinstalled it.
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    I had the same experience last night. While looking at cars, I got some 14 results and the first 8 loaded up fine, but the next ones did exactly like you're saying. I have no clue why, must still be because it's a beta.
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    I just spoke with Palm about how users may report problems with the app to Palm directly and received the following instruction:

    Open the app catalog
    click the my apps icon on the bottom right
    scroll and open MCraig
    select menu by pressing upper left corner of Pre
    select "report a problem"

    You will be prompted to compose an email to Palm describing the problem with the app. Lets all report this one and send a message.
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    you need to open mcaig and delete and reload it ive already talked to them and this is what i did to get it to work like a week ago
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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