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    Hello. I have been using the Pre since launch day. The first email account I added was when I added my GMail account into the profile. It didn't ask me for any mail server info or anything -- it just put the account into the phone and worked fine. Then I added a Yahoo mail account. And another Yahoo mail account. So I had three email accounts all working properly.

    Then I obtained a new email address at a GMail partners site -- so it's actually a GMail account w/ a different domain name, like username@somedomain but it's GMail. Well, it didn't work properly, so I started changing the mail imap & smtp servers and ports and now I've lost access to both my Yahoo accounts and I haven't succeeded in adding that other GMail account.

    I don't really care about this 'extra' GMail account -- it would just have been nice. But I use one of these Yahoo accounts all the time as it is my backup email that I use for sites that require email addresses but I don't trust them yet. And it is my old email so people still send me stuff there.

    Maybe someone would be so kind as to post their server & port settings for their yahoo account so I can use it on my Pre again. I need all the settings (nothing personal of course) including imap & smpt server names, port numbers, and w/ SSL or not. Or if anyone has a suggestion on how to reset these parameters, I'm open for listening. I never even had to enter this information originally when I added those Yahoo accounts, so it must have known them by default.

    Thanks for any and all help.
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    Sorry, after some searching I found the answer on Yahoo Answers...

    You can get all of your Yahoo e-mails sent directly to your Palm Pre with the following steps:

    1. Open your e-mail app on the Palm Pre

    2. On the upper-left corner of screen, press Email.

    3. From the dropdown list, press Preferences & Accounts.

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and press Add an Account button.

    5. Enter your Yahoo ID and Password. Palm Pre will automatically fill in the correct settings for you to link directly to your Yahoo E-mail inbox.

    You can click, Change Login Settings button to reveal the outgoing and incoming servers:

    incoming server:
    username: <full e-mail address w/ @ sign>
    port: 993
    encryption: ssl

    outgoing server:
    use authentication: on
    username: <yahoo id without @ sign>
    port: 465
    encryption: ssl

    Hope this helps!
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