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    I am curuous for RSS fans, what are you using to read RSS feeds on your Pre. I am using Google Reader but, I dont like how it formats on the pre. I am hoping for a App to handle this in the future.
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    I use google too. At least until I find something better
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    the roughcuts webos book walks through the development of an rss reader, and the installer has been posted here -> webos-rough-cuts-rss-app posting

    we don't know if this is legal as of yet, but the app does load using the sdk tools after the pre has been put into developer mode. i don't know if it works via the email method (well, it didn't work for me)

    i am going to try to make some enhancements so that it can download podcasts to the internal storage and initiate the audio/video players. we'll see how this goes.
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    You're using the wrong format of Google Reader, that's prob why you don't like it. That's the smartphone version that was originally for the iPhone but works GREAT with the G1 and Pre.
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    Oh man, that is a huge help! Thanks

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