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    So I downloaded this program because I read the post about how it works with the pre and the blog writer recommended it.

    I've just been using WMP to sync my music but everythings messy and there's repeated songs and there's about 80 songs that don't even show up on my pre due to some format problem I imagine. Another reason I downloaded this was because the post said that the program will convert your songs to a compatible format.

    Now that I have it though, I can't even figure out how to load songs onto the program so that I can sync them to my pre. I emptied all songs from my pre with the plan of loading them onto double twist, clean up all the mess, and then sync them, but I can't figure how to do that! Its fustrating me.

    Anyone successfully use this program? Or anyone recommend a program that will be useful for editing artist names/album names/song names?

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    I wouldn't waste too much time with this app.
    It's still in Beta and, at least on my system, it's not usable.

    I'm going to check back on the progress in a few months, but right now it's not a usable app.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!

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