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    Just around an hour ago, @robovalzuniga sent out a tweet confirming that Palmís Mojo SDK had in fact leaked out. Whatís better, he included a download link. Yes, you can now download the (beta) SDK for the Pre. We imagine since Palmís last disclosure on the SDK which stated that they would be opening up the early access program that someone has posted the download link and it has made itís way around the interweb. We donít need to tell you twice, get this one before itís gone.

    Currently, no word on whether or not Palm is okay with this, and we canít imagine that they are thrilled, so download at your own risk. Depending on how this one goes, we may have to pull all the links if Palm requests (weíre all for the sharing of information, but we want to help Palm, not destroy them). If they feel leaking the SDK early is only detrimental to them as a company, then we will remove the URLs. In accordance, we ask that anyone who downloads the SDK to use this as a guide for the actual SDK release. As apps are currently unsupported by Palm, we arenít so sure that publishing homebrew apps is the best idea. However, poking around certainly should yield some great developer knowledge.

    Check out this link:
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    This has been posted quite a few times here. Please do a search.
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