I sent E.W.E.-Software an email asking them to port Befree 4 iPhone to the Palm Pre. Anyone else interested may want to send them an email as well.

Below is the correspondance:

Vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage. Ich habe Ihre E-Mail zu Klärung an unsere
Entwicklungsabteilung weitergeleitet. Bitte haben Sie noch etwas Geduld.

Thank you for your feedback. We forwarded your mail to our development
service. You will get an answer from our developers next. Please be patient.

Viele Grüße
Ramona Ohanka

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von: Mannyman
empfangen am: 30.06.2009 09:37
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Will you make a version that works with the Palm Pre?
The Pre uses a webkit based browser similar to the iphone. Maybe just
disable the user agent check.

Werden Sie eine Version, die mit dem Palm Pre?
Die Pre verwendet eine webkit basierten Browser ähnlich dem iPhone.
Vielleicht nur deaktivieren Sie die User-Agent überprüfen.

Thanks, Danke,

With Befree 4 iPhone you can remote control your PC directly from your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. Just install Befree 4 iPhone on your PC and you will get full access to all its content from the safari browser on your iPhone or Ipod Touch. You will be able to see the complete desktop, zoom in, perform all kind of mouseclicks and send text and key combinations to the PC. It is very close to actually be sitting in front of the computer.