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    I am using the mail app on the Pre, and I have a gmail account, everything works perfect. However, I have an issue in that there is no option to archive and to send to trash.

    I want the option to chose which items to send to the archive and which items I can delete.
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    Archive my moving the item to the "All Mail" folder. Send to trash by deleting the item (assuming you let the Pre setup the account for you automatically, it configures the Trash folder correctly). FWIW, the Pre actually does an excellent job of handling Gmail in IMAP form (which can often be a difficult task given the nature of Gmail NOT using folders).
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    I'd also like to add that this, for me, is one of the biggest differentiators between the Pre and a BlackBerry. I had a Curve, and while the Gmail app is decent, the lack of truly being able to use Gmail (or any IMAP e-mail service) with the built-in BB messaging app is hugely disappointing for a phone that claims to be the "best" at e-mail (without an enterprise account, the BB e-mail service blows).
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    In the account preferences, I set the trash folder to [Gmail]/All Mail. Then sliding to the right or tapping the trash icon archives it.

    To delete, you have to go to the menu, and send it to the [Gmail]/Trash folder.
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