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    So, SplashID is currently not in the App Catalog again (6/30/09).

    No idea why, but I can't help but wonder if it's in preparation for the upcoming pay version (if it's considered out of beta) or if there was some huge bug they found in the new version.

    If it's the former, that might be a good sign that the App Catalog is getting close to being ready for real (none of this same 30 apps all the time).
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    I read in the reviews that they messed up the last update and you couldn't add new entries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guish View Post
    I read in the reviews that they messed up the last update and you couldn't add new entries.
    Ahh, yeah that'd be a big reason to pull it, thanks.
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    Great, just after I finally decided to install it...
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    I installed 0.4.7 last night after 1.04, I was unable to save a new entry. Probably didn't want to distribute a problem.
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    Actually they might be doing you a favor by not allowing you to add new entries. Because there is no way to back up / restore them anyway. Anyone who puts lots of time into inputting their personal data into that program needs to have their heads examined.
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    I was actually just trying to find a way to import my data from 1Password into Splash ID tonight so interesting that I should come across this now

    Frustrating that 1Passeword won't give me a straight answer on yes or no if they are going to go do an app for the Pre (would much rather use them) but what is even more frustrating is that as far as I can tell 1password doesn't even support exporting of CSV or DIV data!
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    I wonder if you can keep the old beta (free) version ...
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