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    It seems like the wireless connections that Pre stores uses only SSID (Network Name). There is no Mac Address storage. This essentially can make the Pre a war driving phone without the user realizing it.

    Example: Linksys. Who hasn't seen an open Linksys SSID or 100 of them. One was in a place that offered free WiFi. I connected. Now I'm on wireless anytime I go through a neighborhood and run into an Open router with the SSID Linksys. I can jump onto their network and use it without even realizing it. Same thing would happen with Belkin54g or some of the other more common default SSIDs.

    This isn't a factor as much with 2wire, as they have a more unique 3 digit code and most come with at least wep enabled.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to throw this out there and see what other thoughts people had.
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    Um, isn't this true for most Wi-Fi enabled devices?

    My laptop does this as well, as did my iPhone/iPod touch.
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    That's a problem with unsecured Wi-Fi networks where the owner hasn't even changed the SSID Not really a Pre specific issue.
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    I didn't think my laptop does this. I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 and I haven't noticed it. Possibly it does. I just assumed the Mac address was also available to determine if the SSID is in fact the intended one. Might be wrong on that.
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    Pretty sure my VISTA laptop does this.

    I have a Linksys SSID that is memorized that has security enabled on it. When I'm at home one of my neighbors has a Linksys SSID and their network is unsecured. My laptop recognizes it but rather than "KNOW" that it's a different network it just says something like "the security settings for this network don't match the profiles settings" or something to that extent. From that I gather it thinks it's the same network with different settings.
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    My Macbook Pro does this for sure. I used to have a router in my dorm and a router at home. Both had the same SSID and my Macbook Pro automatically connected to either even though I only had it set to remember my home network.

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