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  1. Fadakar's Avatar
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    I remember a while back they were asked if they were bringing Shazam to the PalmOS, they said they had no plans. Now that the Pre is out, and if it's commercially successful they have an obligation, but I think it all depends on if we really want it. ;p
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    Yeah, thats a pretty cool app...
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

    Treo's 650-800..NOW,
    Palm Pre
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    I used that on both my iPhone and my Blackberry, great app!
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    Argh! I saw this thread, and thought they (Shazam) had created a mobile ATM app. now THAT would rule! (Shazam in midwest is an ATM company) :P
    I see pandas.
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    Will a Shazam app be available for the Pre....just went to their website and saw no news of it. Just wondering
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    Quote Originally Posted by weo1209 View Post
    Will a Shazam app be available for the Pre....just went to their website and saw no news of it. Just wondering
    I hope they do, I found this:

    Which basically says they have no plans at the moment, but that was before the Pre came out. I emailed asking again and will post their response when I get it.
  8. xtkxhom3r's Avatar
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    man it would be awesome if they released it for the pre...
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    This is what they told me, still nothing useful:
    Hi there

    While I can say our development team are continually working on bringing the service to as many platforms and regions as possible, Iím not entirely sure when or if a version for Palm handsets will be available.

    Full details of any new release would be made available on our website prior to launch date.

    Iím sorry I couldnít be of more help.

    Kind Regards,

    Dan Van Damn
    Customer Services
  10. Rhody's Avatar
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    That has to be a made-up name.
  11. nowise's Avatar
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    Do want! Such a useful app and cool for impressing friends :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by zhackwyatt View Post
    This is what they told me, still nothing useful:
    I wrote to them also and got the exact same message.
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    One of my most used apps on my old phone. I really hope they release it on the pre, or something like it.
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    What is the E-Mail Address of the person at Shazam? Maybe if we can get enough people to request the app. it will show them the desire of the Pre community for their product, I love it on my touch!
  15. imex99's Avatar
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    Contacted and requested. This is one app I keep thinking I would love to have the most out of all apps. I listen to a lot of college radio and they play all sorts of crap I have never heard of.
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    Done and Done thanks for the link
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    emailed as well. Thanks for the link
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    I miss the Shaz..
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    Please contact Shazam and request Pre app. Let them know this community wants their application and for them to be successful.

    Contact them...

    PS Enter phone # digits only

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