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    I know it sounds stupid but my girlfriend and I just left the iphones behind and love the pre, but our favorite app was shazam and it is a huge let down thats it not on the pre but on android phones and lots of older phones and blackberrys!! I mean come on thats an app that i used so much that i genuinely feel gipped in that department. I know I sound lame but cant help it....we both love everything else about the pre minus the usb door
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    If there is one app i would want its this one.
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    Yes, it would be great.
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    Looks like it's unlikely for Shazam to appear on the PRE soon, at least until Palm includes voice API in the SDK.
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    if anyone can make this my wife loves this app ..would be great if it can be done all some a have a copy of tomtom id like to be made a ipk and used on pre tela nav is trash and sucks bad always hated it
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    Midomi is sooo much faster. It also has a "hum/sing" mode where you can hum or sing a song and it's really, really good!! Midomi is so much better than Shazam!!
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    As far as I know, the microphone isn't accessible with the current SDK.
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    I know this has been posted before, but I am hoping that Shazam comes to the Pre. I have sent e-mails to the company, and so have hundreds of others.

    It is such a great program, and would really be a let down if Shazam didn't make a WebOS version. I am hoping there isn't some exclusivity agreement with Apple or Blackberry or anything, that would not allow it on other smart phones.
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    Not possible yet, no microphone support in the SDK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    Not possible yet, no microphone support in the SDK.
    **** man...Other than the GPS, it is the only app on the Pre that I really want and was looking forward too. Even Verizon app store has that program.
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    What's a Shazam?
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    Quote Originally Posted by insane42 View Post
    What's a Shazam?
    A crappy Disney movie.
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    Shazam is pretty cool... hasn't failed to identify a song yet. And surprisingly comes in handy where you can be anywhere, restaurant or party or friends, you hear a song and wonder what it is... run shazam while the song is playing and it finds it for you. surprised it's a free app.

    Quote Originally Posted by insane42 View Post
    What's a Shazam?
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    Quote Originally Posted by insane42 View Post
    What's a Shazam?
    Click on the first link
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    OK, now I want this too. They've got it for every other platform. Palm!!! Give us a mic API!
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    i love this time i was in a strip joint with a few friends and there was a crazy techno song playing. I grabbed my friends iphone and found out right away what it was. Now, if it was my pre...i would have just copied it, saved it in a memo and downloaded when i got home
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    I also bought the palm pre totally thinking that shazam would be on it. All the other phones had it for years already. My girlfriend and I used it on our iphones all the time, and love our pres just cant stand it that there is no shazam!! Honestly i think its lame that it wasnt one of those basic apps like pandora. Anyway sorry for the *****ing
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    I think we all want this app (It really is quite good). We just have to wait until Palm loosens the leash on the API's.
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    It is a great app and hopefully palm will get with the program, it will be one of my most missed apps.
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    totally thats the only thing i miss from my iphone....nothing else really
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