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    Quote Originally Posted by sambao21 View Post
    its not possible as the sdk doesn't have mic apis right now
    Anythings possible :-).. Probably could do it without the sdk with some webos-internal tools.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhody View Post
    That has to be a made-up name.
    LoL. I thought the exact same thing when I read that. I hope they come through with an app. Kinda surprising that it hasn't been developed yet.
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    Shazam is a cool app on my wife's iPhone which I'd definitely want on my Pre.

    Any chance that the developer will develop/port a Palm Pre version or someone else develop a similar app?
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    Their website says, "Shazam for Partners and Carriers
    If you would like to know more and work with us, please get in touch!" so it would probably be pretty easy.
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    I would!!! I miss that from WinO/Blackberry and I think I had a shazam type app for palmos as well
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    Shazam is probably the coolest app on the iphone. I hope we get it on the Pre soon, too.
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    This is the only iPhone app that makes me somewhat envious. Everything else I couldn't care less about or the Pre already has with homebrew.
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    The newest Shazam for iPhone is SICK.

    When you tag a song, it gives you links to preview and purchase in iTunes, look up lyrics, tweet about the song, and look up the music video on youtube.

    If they could just have it identify songs, I would be happy. These other features would be rediculous as well.
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    I certainly do!

    Is the microphone API available in the SDK? If so, then why havent we seen a voice recorder app already? (I know...thats a tangent)
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    shazam would be nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bpdamas View Post
    This is the only iPhone app that makes me somewhat envious. Everything else I couldn't care less about or the Pre already has with homebrew.
    I agree w/bpdamas. This is the only iPhone app that makes me think about iPhone.
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    Its also a blackberry app....

    and another version is included with every verizon phone.
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    I really wish we had a shazam app, almost as much as epocrates
  16. Zaki's Avatar
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    This is the only app that makes get my bros iphone. Heck even my old samsung a707 had it.
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    i would love the app on my pre.. it works awesome on my ipod touch
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    Do want.
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    i would definitely like to it on pre
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