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    What other games are there?
    Connect 4, and Speed brain if you want to count that...
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    there are a couple of homebrew games too, in various states of completeness.
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    I personally find this game rather boring, but for sudoku, it does the job.
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    If you guys enjoy playing sudoku I actually found a great website online to play.

    I actually just ran across this website recently and fell in love with it! It's got a great interface, the graphics are phenomenal and there is no flash requirements! It's all just html. Easy to use with a click of a button, so you don't really have to use that annoying keyboard all the time,

    Great site to play at,
    Free Sudoku Games and Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online
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    i've found several puzzles on both the easy and medium difficulties that are unsolvable due to the computer generated numbers not allowing for numbers to be placed where they need to go. and no, this isn't me just gripping cause i'm bad at the game. the puzzles i'm talking about have issues with making even the first few moves right after starting a new game. i'll try to get a screenshot of one of the offending puzzles next time it happens.
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    Sudoku is so much better with the recent update. Before it was virtually unuseable.
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    recent update?

    i havent played it for a while. solitaire is my goto game now.
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    A feature I would like to see is the ability to clear the screen all at once. Sometimes I screw up.
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