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    I've looked at a number of task apps including RTM and still can't find what I'm looking for.

    Does anyone know of a patient or custom task program that would allow me to do the following:

    Create separate lists for each patient within a category like this:

    Category: Patients
    List - Smith, "Buster" 1234567
    TO DO:
    o CBC/CHEM
    o UA/Culture
    o Thoracic Radiographs
    o Call Owner by 5:00pm

    There has to be some software that lets you simply create lists within a category.
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    Read your post this morning and didn't really have an answer for you. But as the day went on I was reading my feeds in Google Reader and saw this post @ Lifehacker that looks like it may fit your needs.

    lifehacker. com/5303091/springpad-lets-you-take-your-data-mobile

    (I still have less than 10 posts so be sure to remove the space between the . and com)

    I haven't personally used Springpad, but after watching that video it looks like it allows different catagories with entries under that and then notes, checklists whatever.

    Hope that helps.

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