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    Got streaming to pre through home computer.

    Using the program LastFMProxy
    Setup on your home computer.
    Follow the readme included to change the bind_address to enable webaccess

    While I would think think all you would need to do is access this from the Pre browser, it would start playing for about 5 seconds then fail. I'm sure someone more savvy than me could figure this out.

    What I ended up doing was making a lastfm.m3u file that directed to http://localhost:1881/lastfm.m3u and copying that over to the classicapps/PALM folder and running it with Pocket Tunes. Works like a charm, and you can still access the LastFMproxy page from the Pre browser to see current playing and control skip/love/ban

    Should you want to access other stations you can create more m3u files to link to what you want. Such as: http://localhost:1881/globaltags/metal.m3u
    (explained further in lastfmproxy readme)

    Did run into one very odd thing while writing this. Went to take a screen shot and everything started glitching. Screen went to PALM logo, then basically rebooted with no programs running, but music continues to play. Had to restart phone to make it quit.
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