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    I've just tried sending some e-mails in the emulator and there seems to be a problem with some accented letters (and belive me, there's a lot of them in the Czech language ). The browser works fine.

    Could anybody confirm this on a real device? Send yourself a mail (from the desktop PC) containing the following "Přšerně žluťoučk kůň". If you see any boxes instead of letters, then it's definitely a bug in the mail app (or at least in the font mail app uses).

    I have no way to test this out since there's no Pre GSM available...
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    Worked fine for me. I copied the paragraph above, emailed it to myself, opened the email on the Pre, and It came through exactly as it appeared in my Mac's browser. So at least the Mac sends those characters in a way the Pre can read them. I'm assuming it has to be in Unicode?
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    Thanks a lot! I've tried sending it from Gmail to the virtual Pre, so it's in Unicode for sure. Since it displays on the device right, the problem is probably in the emulator.

    See img44. imageshack. us/i/prechartest.png/ for comparsion

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