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    Has anyone found a TV listings website that works well with their Palm Pre? AOL has a webapp at TV Listings - AOL Television that looks great on my computer, but for some reason, when I select my television service, the page never moves to the next one.

    That's exactly the thing I'm looking for, but I just can't find another place that has a mobile device formatted TV listings page that will allow me to enter my location and figure out what channels I have.

    Has anybody found one out there?
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    Go to on your phone. Try it.
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    Yeah, the comoki one is all right, but not great. I use digital OTA broadcast stations and they don't have most of them. Plus, I don't want to sort through all their stations and select which ones I have and which ones I don't. I want to just enter my zip code, select my service and have my stations listed. That's what the AOL TV one does, but it seems to have some problem with the browser on the Pre.
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    If all else fails, do what I do when I need it. Go to and click on listings on top left corner. Book mark it and you're done.

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