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    My hospital has public wi-fi, and I've been getting 16+ hrs of battery life *IF* I turn the cell phone function off (airplane mode), and just run wi-fi. I use a pager, and DON'T take (or place) calls during work, so I don't mind doing this. Others who depend on their cell phone won't like this solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    At my wife's hospital here in St. Louis, Washington University/BJC has begun to replace the old MediPager network with Sprint CDMA equipment (supposed to be complete by spring 2010). All Physicians will now be able to use their cellular phones for pagers and have voice/data service in every last sq.ft of the medical campus. She is very happy about this as it's not fun having 3 pagers and phone hooked on you at all times.

    Perhaps more hospitals will start going this direction?
    Yeah I forgot to mention my hospital in Austin has Sprint CDMA as well. Guess I lucked out.
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    It sucks in my hospital
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    You could always try keeping a spare battery to switch to? Not you, but you always read how people say it's so much better design because you have a removeable battery versus that other phone that doesnt... and nobody wants to just get a second battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donm527 View Post
    You could always try keeping a spare battery to switch to? Not you, but you always read how people say it's so much better design because you have a removeable battery versus that other phone that doesnt... and nobody wants to just get a second battery.
    That's exactly what I was going to suggest. Removable battery makes the argument that the battery life sucks almost nullable. Keep a spare always charging and use the 2 min it takes to switch on those days that your battery doesn't make it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pennpre View Post
    After leaving the hospital at 8 AM on the 6th to go buy a pre to continue my 8 years of palm phones, my pre-excitement has been in slow constant decline. Battery life and signal strength are my main complaints (probably not specific to hospital use). Our hospital has a contract with AT&T, with towers on the hospital roof, but the pre has not fared well. Generally, my battery dies on the commute home, around 5 or 6. On days I work past 6pm (fairly regularly), the phone has yet to last without a charge. Mind you, I use my pre only for personal use (email, occasional text, generally no personal calls). For work related calls, the hospital provides an AT&T nokia, which works like a free phone, but has the most impressive battery life of any electronic device I've ever used.

    Settings I have tried:
    Sprint only, no roam data (Poooor performance)
    +roam and roam data (probably the biggest benefit in both battery + usability)
    Email "as it arrives" and hourly intervals (largely no difference)
    GPS ON / OFF (not really noticing a diff)
    Wifi ON / OFF (pre browser incompatible with hospital router guest login)
    Notifications ON / OFF
    Using airplane mode in clearly poor signal areas
    Closing cards
    Deleting messaging accounts (made a diff turning off gchat, no diff after deleting)
    Deleting calendar sync
    "topping off" battery while charging
    updating firmware (seemed to worsen)

    My overall impressions
    -I'm disappointed.
    -The treo fared much better as a physician's phone.
    -No native epocrates in my pocket decreases my productivity
    -I'm unable to figure out why wifi fails to display the wifi guest login page
    -Battery life is definitely a deal breaker....
    -There is no way the pre would work as my primary work phone.

    I make over 50 calls throughout the day, have received over 150 messages from nurses and staff, and would not have time to charge the phone for any reasonable amount of time. Compounded with the fact that shifts can be as long as 30 hrs of regular use, the phone would barely limp out of the first 6-8 hours.

    I work throughout the hospital and am not based in an office, and my pre really only serves as a text messaging / email device whenever I walk back into a coverage area. I had been looking forward to using Pandora, etc, but I have been forced to avoid apps like this with the hope that I can read the web on my bus ride home or check this website for a fix!

    I haven't seen any similar threads, there are numerous battery complaint threads, and I've seen medical and epocrates threads, but I've yet to see a thread about real-life performance of this phone in a hospital, and I'm eager to hear other's experiences.

    Hopefully others have had better luck in a hospital, or have additional advice!

    FWIW, our hospital is located in a populated urban center (W. Philadelphia) where I've found sprint service (esp with my treo) to be generally good.
    So would you recommend Treo 650/680 over Palm Pre as a medical reference etc. ?

    What do you think about Pre's responsiveness ? Is it sluggish running PEPID or any other med apps on Classic ?

    Thanks :-)
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    Well i know that some of you are used to charging your phone maybe 3-4 times a week...but i have had tons of smart phones and i have always charged my phone after the days work...i see that the more you charge the pre, the batt life has gotten for emails there is a thread somewhere about what settings works great along with batt life...i think if have 10 or less emails the settings should be as they arrive...hope this helps...
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    Don't worry guys. Bigger batteries are on the way as well as more software optimisations. I think a battery with double the power of the stock one is being developed.
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    Sorry to hear this phone doesn't work for you. Let's hope that the Pre will be released under AT&T, and hopefully Palm will also offer an extended battery as well.

    By the time this does happen, Palm should have fixed most of the bugs and there should be more application available to this platform. Let's hope you should give it another shot by then.
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    Being an IT guy at a hospital myself I can attest that we love shiny things like the Pre. So I would bet at least two nickels that your IT guru would love to help you resolve that guest network issue.

    Sorry your battery isn't up to your standards. Mine seems to be doing well - usually over half after my 12 hour shift. However it sounds like you use yours a lot more.

    I think mine has been doing much better since getting a touchstone but it could just be a matter of never forgetting to charge it!

    It sounds like a second battery could be a solution for you. If you get a non-Palm brand battery pleas let us know how it performs

    I have my brightness set way down in addition to some of those other battery saving suggestions. I don't know for sure if it has helped but my experience with other devices is that lower brightness means more battery. The screen still looks great at low bightness settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ken0311 View Post
    Don't worry guys. Bigger batteries are on the way as well as more software optimisations. I think a battery with double the power of the stock one is being developed.
    Innocell Extended Life Battery
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    Also I'm extremely hopeful that the app catalog (and homebrew apps) will explode soon! The SDK just got leaked, and I've heard about a lot of apps just over the horizon. I pretty much guarantee that you'll see your medical references come out, hopefully sooner than later! I'm sure Palm knows how important they have been in the past.

    I'm very jealous of you hospital folks that have cell towers and service. There are serious huge dead zones in my hospital where no carrier gets through.
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    In my hospitals (Texas Medical Center hospitals in Houston, TX) Sprint has THE BEST signal of any carriers. Only if you have a sprint phone can you get service in the cafeteria. My battery is fine- lasting from early AM to late PM no problem. Now beyond that and I need to charge it- but that's no different from every smart phone I've ever owned. Hopefully palm pre will pick up epocrates etc soon. Just give it time.
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    Most smartphones only give you a business day's usage on a charge. For me Iphone was the worst, could barely last half a day if email checking was set to anything other than manual, gave it to my wife. Switched to gsm treo pro which is much better, I can stream radio for 30-45 mins in the am, leave my email on q 1hr checks, use bluetooth audio for about an hour during my commute and still have 30-40% left after 9 hrs.
    The only smartphone that'll give you dumbphone battery life is the Nokia E71 series.
    I'll wait for webos to have a native epocrates app and Johns Hopkins POC-IT before I jump in, epocrates online is way too slow for me.
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    I'm not a dr, but hav been visitin someone at the hospital in nashville
    TN. I must say the wifi works excellent throughout the building an I also hav full signal strength through sprint. The only time I lose connection is when I'm in the basement of parking garage. Email works fine (except seeing user created folders on hotmail)I can send/receive emails, phone calls an txt messages and internet no problems.
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    Previous posters have mentioned they cannot get access to emails while on WIFI only. I too have this problem due to no cell signal in the hospital. Has anyone found a work around? The promise of email over WIFI is why I upgraded from my 755p.
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    Followup on battery life:

    Off touchstone: 5:45 AM
    On touchstone: 7:45 PM
    Battery Remaining: 76%

    Wifi left on, connected to hospital free wifi.
    20 or so total texts
    15-20 minutes (estimated) total web browsing (showing off, looking up stuff on emedicine...)
    3 ~2 minute calls
    Tested GPS for about 15 minutes on route home using google maps.
    Emails set to receive every six hours, however, I manually retrieved them at least 10 times.

    ICU in Houston with decent (3-4 bar) EVDO coverage.
    Screen brightness low.
    No hotmail or AIM accounts, gtalk account offline.

    Color me impressed.
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    It's amazing how different some peoples' experiences are with battery life. I haven't had to roam too far from a charger for any length of time yet. I do, however, notice that my Pre gets a poorer signal inside buildings than my 755 used to get. I'm hoping that a future update might help the reception issue. It's a bit annoying at times.
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    If Sprint signal is weak inside your hospital building and if Pre has to constantly go in and out of roaming/1x/evdo, then it will definitely kill your battery..

    Having solid signal is one of the most important factor in battery life.

    Should you had a good sprint signal at where you work, I'm sure your experience would've been very different...

    I think you should return your pre unless something drastic about the signal strength happen at your work place.

    And, no I don't think anyone should have to carry extra battery or worry about charging a phone throughout a day. A phone should be able last at least one day with moderate use without charging. I love my Pre but I'm nobody's fanboy... If my Pre didn't last a day without charging with my moderate use, it'd go back to Sprint in an heart beat.

    Hope OP has better luck with his next device.
    iPhone; the official phone of 'the Borg'
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    Had a treo 750P and now have the Pre, unfortunately the 750 has superior reception, I work around all kinds of hospitals.
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