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    I am another week closer to the 30 day return deadline and there were no new apps in the App Catalog and no webOS updates.
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    very discouraged thought we would of had some

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    Apps will come, that's a given. Especially considering the new SDK activity recently. I personally don't think we need a OS update every weekend.
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    It has only been a week since the last WebOS update, and the SDK release has just graduated from 'extremely limited' to 'very limited'. There have been a handful of app updates this week, so it's not all bad news. (:

    It is looking as if Palm is on a biweekly WebOS update schedule. If this is true, expect 1.0.4 to come out the evening of 7/3.

    As for apps... the SDK will be released at the end of summer, which is in September. There will be tons of apps shortly thereafter. This week Palm expanded the 'early release' of the SDK from "hundreds of developers" to "thousands of developers", so we could possibly have dozens of apps coming out between now and summer. If they only had "hundreds" of developers and we already have 30 apps 3 weeks into the product's life, it seems to follow that we'll soon see more now that "thousands" have the SDK.
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    I read that SDK was released to more developers today and that gives me high hopes that we will be seeing many apps very soon. Hang in there. The developers in this community will create some awesome stuff. Since the code needed to develop is widely known (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript) I think that the base of developers will be huge once we can get our hands on the SDK. Oh and Flash will make it even better.

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