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    Originally I wasn't sure I would be interested in Pandora. After all, who needs another streaming audio website/application?

    After giving Pandora a fair shake, I have come to re-evaluate my decision. Pandora is more than just another streaming audio station and it's becoming one of my commonly used apps.

    First of all, you create Stations in Pandora. Lets say that you really like Wierd Al and you want to listen to his music. You easily create a station in Pandora and enter either an artist or a song, and Pandora creates a radio station that plays it and similar music that you may like.

    Did it play some horrible song you don't like? No problem, hit the thumbs down and that song will never play again and Pandora will skip to the next song. Do you really like it? Well, hit the thumbs up and it will remember it and play it more often. Or if you really like it you can hit the little triangle pointing up and you can select the option to purchase it (from the Amazon store)

    Overall I've been very impressed with it. Even if you have a not-so-hot data connection (unfortunately too common when I'm at work), it still plays without a flaw. It buffers enough that I never have seen it stutter or stop unless I skip the current song and move to the next one.

    There are a couple things to keep in mind however. There is an option to "bookmark" an artist or song. The problem is that you can't access the bookmarks in the Pandora application for the Pre. You must go to the Pandora website to see them. In addition, if you want a station that has more than one artist, they can only be created from the website as well. Pandora on the Pre only allows one artist/song per station.

    Despite the limitations that require you to go to the website, Pandora is a fantastic application. The best thing is that it plays similar songs, so you can get exposure to other artists that you may not know about, but would still like. I've learned all kinds of new things about groups and have found new songs I love that I hadn't ever heard of before. If you love, or even like music, Pandora is for you. If you haven't installed it yet, you should.
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    <3 Pandora
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    Couldn't agree more. I am not a major music fan. However, since I got my Pre and started messing with Pandora I seem to listen to it alot. Great application
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    I love pandora! I love just streaming music commercial free. I can always download mp3 but I just got sick of hearing the same songs. I'm too lazy to upload/download and go through all my mp3 too. I dont have time for that stuff anymore. push pandora, play and go. so easy!
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    I love Pandora, now I just wish I could get BBC Radio 1 and maybe DI.
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    I just went on a road trip with my Wife and Pandora is awesome. I hooked the headphone jack to our car stereo line in. The sound was amazing. I have to say that this sounded better than our Sirius satelite. Now I know why I did not renew my Sirius. Why bother, I can stream Pandora for free! Bravo!
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    Pandora is Great!
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    I have to agree, Pandora is awesome. Also the website is much better than other sites like
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    Love it.
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    Pandora is one of the MAIN reasons I wanted this phone. I have used Pandora since it launched and find the technology of it simply stellar. I even registered and PAID for an account to increase the time out.. Its really the NEXT best thing in Radio.

    Personally, since Sirius and XM merged, the quality of my beloved Sirius has suffered. With Pandora its ONLY music I LOVE.
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    I also agree Pandora is fantastic. I don't use it as much as I'd like on the Pre due to the battery life being horrible. Not Pandora's fault but I'm sure you all know what I mean. I was going to get a Livio Radio for my home because I like Pandora so much. Check them out.

    News | Livio Radio Featuring Pandora Internet Radio
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    Pandora is awesome but it does suck up battery life so the only way I can effectively use it is to have my phone plugged in while running the app.
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    I have to admit that I was an avid user of slacker radio on the blackberry, however when I switched over to the Pre I started using Pandora and am just as happy with either! One thing I'm happy with about the Pre is that streaming audio with an application such as Pandora seems much smoother, and I have yet to encounter any pauses in playback.
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    anyone else annoyed how it sometimes takes several minutes to load songs? or is that just me?
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    Seriously, this has got to be my favorite app catalog app.
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    Pandora works fine for me i like it
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    Amazing App!
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    Got a bluetooth stereo so i could stream Pandora, can never go back now.
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    Best app available, bar none.
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    running it in the background makes it so much better than the iphone pandora app
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