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    So I have had my Pre since launch day. Push e-mail from Exchange, Gmail, and pop3 account had been working fine. But for the last two days I have not been getting all messages pushed.

    Before it was like clock work, I would hear the message come to my phone almost the same time it hit my inbox. Now I get messages inconsistently; some will be the same time, other up to 5 minutes later, others not at all unless open mail and open the inbox. Even if I try to sync in the all mailbox they won't arrive unless I go to each inbox and sync. I click on the inbox bar to get the last sync, and typically it is what ever time I last manually synced.

    Even the marking the e-mail as read and deleting remotely from the pre sometimes happens immediately, other times doesn't seem to happen unless I manually sync.

    I have restarted, and pulled the battery and restarted, when I do that it seems to work for a little while, then start to act up again.

    Anyone else having issues with Push? I wonder if it is the phone or maybe Sprint connection?
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    you know i've kinda noticed the same thing the past like 2-3 days. i dont know what it is. i just figured that maybe it was a glitch that might happen now and then. if this persists i wonder what to do.
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    there was another thread started earlier in the week about this.. I think it's related to the 1.03 update. Mine had always worked flawlessly (Exchange 2007 push) but I too have noticed that it has been somewhat unreliable for many days now.
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    the pre doesn't have PUSH email. why are people still confused by this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiralsmurf View Post
    the pre doesn't have PUSH email. why are people still confused by this?
    The Palm Pre Palm webOS has push email for Gmail and Exchange accounts.
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    After watching it closely for a day it is only the Exchange account that is affected. Of course during the work week that is the account that gets the most mail. It is annoying because when I am not at work I need to monitor system warnings.

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