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    Figured I'd copy my review over. Feel free to add to it.

    The different options at the bottom are:

    Box Office Movies

    Theaters (which find the theaters closest to you)

    Upcoming Movies

    On DVD (Show New Releases, Upcoming DVD releases and browse)


    It has a great interface, you can't buy tickets with this app, but movies that support fandango it lists a photo number for fandango. You can actually change the movie ratings from flixster, rotton tomatoes or none. A nice option. Plus you can view trailers for the movies. In the preferences you can select High Quaility or Faster Loading.

    Rating 4 out of 5

    I'd give it a 5 if you could buy tickets online with it. But other than that it's fantastic! I use it all the time.
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    I go to the movies like once a week and this application is just so quick and easy. Also when showing people trailers I just flick it open click the trailer and throw them my phone.

    It's really nice to be able to check out 2 theaters really quickly for different times also since sometimes they play at 2 hour intervals.
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    This was one of my favorite apps on the iPhone, primarily because it linked with Facebook which allowed me to rate/favorite movies. I hope this feature comes to the Pre as I rely on it to remember movies I want to see.
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    love this app...even back on the iphone dayz...i'm glad Pre has it.
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    this is on of my favorite apps

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