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    While it's generally not a lot, I have about 16GB of music. Obviously, less than half of this fits on my Pre. I know(or rather, hope) that in the future there will be an app to stream music from a home-based computer to your phone. But being a small time programmer(though admittedly, JavaScript is a weak point), I was thinking about a music app variation I guess. Would it be possible to make a music app based on the current one, but pulling data from a web server, where music is stored? I own a server with about 5 TB of storage, and if I could upload music to it in order to play it on my phone, that would be truly spectacular. Does it seem possible, or to much of a stretch?
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    I remember I used to use a program called anapod for my ipod. One of the features was that it would make a webpage hosted on your computer that you logged onto by the ip address. It listed all your music files, by categories and then you could stream it through the browser.
    I've been thinking that there has to be something similar to that but in iphone webapp format that you could access over the net.

    If you could browse your music them stream it. That would be perfect.
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