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    Hi All,
    Any of you using PalmVNC in Classic? I've got it working, but apparently since the scroll bars are so narrow, I can't click (touch) them to scroll... Even if I set them really wide, it doesn't seem to make any difference. What I can do is click the Classic emulator's right left 4-way nav buttons (actually, all the buttons on the right side except menu move right, and all on the left scroll left) to move right and left, but up / down don't do anything Anyone have a fix for this? Any alternative to PalmVNC that works in the emulator or otherwise? Thanks,
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    Bump! Anyone?
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    I have been using PalmVNC in classic since day 1. You can fix the scrolling issue by loading Classic and then loading PalmVNC. While in PalmVNC click "PalmVNC prefs" from the pull down menu and then change "scrollbar width" to 32. You will then be able to use your finger on the scroll bar. Works great. Good luck.

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