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    I don't have a Pre, but I would like to see the software currently for the Pre in the Catalog. I've googled and can't find a site to browse from my PC. Any suggestions to a link for browsing the Pre App Catalog? Palm makes this unnecessarily hard.
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    I'm curious of Palm's long term strategy for the App store also because even with the 30 or so apps there then it's annoying to find stuff. So what's going to happen when there are 30,000 apps?

    This is precisely why Palm Desktop never should have been retired. Not only would it provide a Contact/Calendar/Memo desktop ALTERNATIVE to synergy. It would also give us a better interface for app searching, content purchasing and local backup.
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    This might be helpful. Created by a forum member.
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    ^ The above post works, you can use the palm emulator from the SDK to see the apps working, and you can even try out the homebrews.
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    Also, Handango is now showing all of the apps as well. You can can always search through them and buy through the app store.

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    So, is there no live list of Palm Pre WebOS apps (if you don't own a Pre)?
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    On all you have to do is click on Homebrew apps. As for Palm apps, no. They only list a few on their website.

    Palm Pre Applications : Palm USA
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    Don't forget too that the App store is still in Beta... I hope this is something that they do make available to view via a PC/Mac in the future

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