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    Palm App Catalog Hits a Million Downloads
    By Jenna Wortham
    Palm may be slow to beef up the digital offerings in its mobile application store, but one thing is for certain — owners of its new Pre smartphone are hungry for applications.

    Business Wire

    FlightView’s flight tracking app on the Palm Pre.On Wednesday, the Palm App Catalog hit a million downloads according to Medialets, a New York-based mobile analytics and advertising company.

    Mike Abramsky, an analyst at RBC Capital who follows the company, estimates that Palm has shipped around 150,000 Pre devices since the smartphone went on sale June 6, which equates to an average of six or more applications downloaded per device.

    The number is fairly impressive, given that currently there are about 30 applications, all free, currently available through Palm’s platform.

    But Ken Dulaney, a mobile industry analyst with the research firm Gartner, thinks the limited possibilities could be a problem.

    “Sprint users are starved for smartphones and applications,” said Mr. Dulaney. “But, chances are they’ve all probably downloaded the same kinds of apps. The question is, are they satisfied with what they have and what is there beyond those offerings?”

    As has been said many times, these days, the new cool factor for smartphones are the apps. Palm has taken the first steps towards remedying the bare shelves of its application store: Last week, the company announced it would begin opening its software development kit, the main set of tools needed to write apps, to more of the thousands of developers eager to write programs for the Pre.
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    Well, since all of the apps are free (except classic) at this point, why WOULDN'T all 150000 owners download all the free apps quickly making a million downloads?
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    i wonder if they are counting updates to? or if its just actual downloads

    using my acer aspire tethered to my palm pre
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    Is anyone monitoring #downloads and guessing how many Pre's out there in the wild? I know that the numbers probably inaccurate because of updates, but thought there might be a way around that. Do other platform app stores face this problem?
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