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    Is tweed supposed to pop up notifications of new tweets? Because it doesn't seem to be working for me. And yes I have the setting enabled in the prefs.
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    its all weird right now seems that it does it randomly
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    Yeah Tweed has been falsly reporting new Tweets - it's gotten a little annoying. I should probably just turn off notifications for now till they fix the bug. It just started happening, also with it's latest update.
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    I've actually been getting some updates. Key word is "some". Of course there is still no sound notification.
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    I think it worked for me. But I turned notifications off because getting notified for one new tweet was getting annoying.
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    I get notified that there's new tweets when I actually don't have a new tweet. *shakes a fist*
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    They know about the problem. Following them on twitter is a great way to see progress for Tweed:

    Pivotal Labs Tweed (tweed) on Twitter
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    Should we be getting notified of every new tweet or just the "reply to" ones?
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    For me it seems to notify me whenever I send a tweet.

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