this morning i was playing sudoku on my pre while riding the train to work. at one of the train's stops i turned off the screen for a moment while i stepped aside to let people board the train. to my surprise when i tried to unlock the phone it wouldn't work. i'm able to put my pin in but it just stays on the "enter pin" screen. the only way i was able to get the phone working again was by removing the battery. i was curious to see if this was a onetime occurance or if there was something wrong with my phone so i opened up sudoku, played a little, locked the phone and it happened again. i actually did it a few times and i noticed that when i open sudoku and lock the phone without actually playing the game, everything works fine, but when i open sudoku and play for a little bit then lock the phone, that's when the problem occurs.

so basically, i'm wondering if this is a bug, or is there a problem with my phone? this was the first time i played sudoku since the latest update and prior to that i never had any problems.

would someone please try playing sudoku and lock their phone to see if they have the same issue?