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    Is it just mine or does everyone have this issue?

    When I turn on the Traffic info on Sprint Nav, the traffic line (Green, Orange, Red) comes on and off every 1 second or so. It never ever stays on.

    Also, the current location indicator flashes every second and jumps instead of moving along the road smoothly.

    Is it just mine? DO I need to get a replacement?
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    no one has this issue?
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    You know I noticed this issue a handful of days ago the first and only time I used Sprint Nav. However I think it went away. I don't quite recall as I was driving at the time.

    Does it always do this to you?

    edit - yep it's doing this for me as well. My guess is that it is supposed to so that you can also see the map data underneath.

    *2 will confirm or deny that.
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