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    Just wondered if anybody has had any luck getting Resco IDGurad to run under MotionApps Classic emulator?

    Thanks very much, Will
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    I've got it to load, and I've been able to get into the app, but I've not used it yet. Let me know how well it works for you, and I'll do the same.

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    Thanks for the reply Walt !

    Unfortunately, I live in the UK and the Pre isn't due to hit our shores until September. I asked the question because this is the one Palm OS app I cannot live without. So if it can't run under Classic I'm screwed. Resco have 'certified' their Explorer product under Classic but have yet to commit to IDGuard unless there is enough interest. I just want to know if it runs at all under Classic. IDGuard is the best product in this category and provides so much more functionality than its competitors. So without it, it looks like my Centro will have to last me a few more years yet ! Again thanks for the response and please let know how you get on with more testing under will be very much appreciated. Regards, Will

    p.s. To everybody else who uses IDGuard, I beg you please go to the Resco forums and express interest in getting it Classic 'certified' !!

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