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    I am sure this has been covered on several threads (and of course I did a search and couldn't find any right now) but I thought I had read somewhere that some of the apps in the Apple store already work on the Pre? Anyone try this out already?

    I am probably totally crazy and somehow taking something I read somewhere out of context but please correct me if I am wrong in this (and I probably am).

    I am just hoping beyond hope because I would love to have 1 Password and Things on the Pre (already contacted both companies directly and they are both "thinking about it")
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    I think the point was that Apple webapps (not App Store apps) work on the Pre.
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    Simple answer - no. No way, no how.

    More complex answer - iPhone apps are written in Objective C and compiled to binaries to run on a different flavor of *nix - the iPhone OS...based on MacOS X...based on quite a few things, including NextStep, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and the Mach Kernel. Sort of a related heritage, but definitely a different flavor of *nix, not Linux, and certainly not Palm's Linux. The Pre also lacks the required apple chipsets and libraries.

    Of course, someone created a classic emulator and it runs on the Pre, so, in theory, someone could do the same for the iPhone, but it would be an insanely complex task, would most likely run like a dog, and the apps would be in a VM...lacking access to core WebOS functions and data.

    What you have most likely heard is that the first generation of iPhone "apps" run on the Pre...because those "apps" were really websites:

    Apple - Web apps - All Categories

    Remember when Steve Job's said that a webapp was all that iPhone users needed to augment the core apps from Apple? Well, a billion app downloads later, he has changed his tune.

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    Hey all

    Alot of these apps dont work, or I should say they work once and then I bookmark the page and then it doesnt work the second time... is it my just my pre or are other people having simliar issues?? This is just one site that worked once and then now it doesnt want to load anymore. Suggestions?
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    It's not just you, there are definitely some difference between the iPhone and Pre browsers, even though they're both built on webkit.

    Some of the webapps written for the iPhone just don't work correctly on the Pre.
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