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    When I purchased my Pre on 6/6, I eagerly installed the Classic trial to test whether my existing PalmOS apps would work, and they didn't. No biggie, I uninstalled Classic and life went on. Now with the 1.0.3 WebOS update and a supposed v1.1 of Classic, I'd like to try my PalmOS apps again to see if they work yet, but after re-downloading Classic I get the notice that my 7 day trial is up. I guess I won't verify if I want to spend the $30 for Classic anytime soon.

    Does anyone know of a way to "reset" the 7 day time limit on the demo? All I would really need is about 5-10 minutes of demo time.
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    Just submit a ticket at their web site. I was in the same boat.

    You'll need to supply the serial number of your Pre (shown in the Information application).

    They extended me another 7 days.
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    Honestly, as far as I'm concerned they should extend it for everyone with how crappy the program was at launch.

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