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    I am aware of the bug that caused the Weekday Alarm to go off on the weekend should have been fixed in 1.0.3 but this weekend I created a Weekend only alarm but found that nothing happens. Anyone else having these problems?
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    I created a weekday alarm post update 1.0.3 and it still did not go off this morning.

    I use this as my wakeup device so the alarm not working is more than just a nuisance for me. I don't think it's asking a lot for the alarm to go off when it's set (my crappy blackjack 1 did this without fail, every time)

    The sound volume for the alarm should also be a setting in the clocks app (not dependent on the side volume keys)
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    A general alarm-related question:

    How long does the alarm keep on ringing on its own? This morning, while on the TS, I just let the alarm keep on going to see when it would shut off on its own. It never did. I had to shut it off after 10 minutes.

    I suppose it's not that big a deal as when I come home from a week vacation to hear my clock alarm going off but does anyone know how to adjust this?

    Clearly, Hobbyist Software is needed what with complaints about alarm, notification, volume, etc. Once SDK comes out, Hobbyist is going to sell a lot of Butlers....

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