I have been thinking about why I had so much trouble with getting apps to work and I think this may explain it. All the apps I used installed by hotsync (I think it may be different than getting OTA apps) so I'm thinking perhaps I was supposed to use the following method shown on motionapps website to add all my apps to classic rather than simply copying them to the other folder. I only copied them to the other folder because of what I heard in a video some time ago talking about classic. Thought I would get feedback from everyone here on the forums before proceeding from here. I can't do any more with classic because my trial is up which is unfortunate they went with a nonstandard trial period so short that you don't have enough time to thoroughly test things. So I can't see if this solves the problems I had and I don't want to buy classic to find out I still can't use all the apps I want or need to use in classic.

Here are the directions from their site:

Importing PIM and other databases (PDB files)

Once you have installed Classic ROM Updater, you can import your PDB files into Classic simply by copying them to the ClassicApps/Install folder on your Pre's flash drive.

You can import PDB/PRC files into the main Classic memory simply by copying them into the ClassicApps/Install folder on your Pre's flash drive. Here are the steps:

1. Install Classic ROM Updater if you haven't done it already

2. Connect your Pre to your computer with the USB cable and activate the USB Drive mode

3. Copy the required PDB/PRC files from your computer to the ClassicApps/Install folder on Pre

4. Disconnect your Pre from the USB port and launch Classic