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    Hey guys.... I was just wondering if anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Today, I swapped my old Pre for a new one because my touch screen stopped working. I was trying out the Sprint Navigation, and no matter what, I keep getting this notification, " Current Location Not Found. We could not find your current location. Please make sure you have a clear view of the sky." I never had this issue with my old Pre, and I tried using this when I was in the middle of a city, and had 5 bars of service. Can anyone help me? THANKS!
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    Did you allow location services? Found on the 3rd page of the launcher.
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    Quote Originally Posted by santos View Post
    Did you allow location services? Found on the 3rd page of the launcher.
    yes i did.... i still get this weird error.
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    my wife has been getting that msg all day. we cant figure it out
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    yeah i dont know why. its really starting to bug me
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    Try exiting app and going back in. If that doesn't help you can always try a reboot
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    hmm its google maps also isnt working. for some reason idk why my phone isnt receiver correct gps.
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    I had the same message tonight as well. Glad to know it was not just MY Pre!
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    hey guys i did a bunch of fooling around and it now works.... i think what worked for me was turning airplane mode on and then off and waiting a few minutes. after doing that, it started working. try that, hope it works for you guys too
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    I've had this happen twice. Both times rebooting solved it.
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    There was another thread discussing this same issue.
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    My GPS was working fine when I got it, then stopped working and was giving me the "Device Location not found error"

    I just did a reboot and it works again.

    To Reboot, hold the orange button, sym, and R key and wait about a minute.

    Thanks guys.

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    I've found that if you don't have "auto locate" and "use GPS" enabled under "location & services" on, navigation always seems to fail. It appears that having the app ask for location services on an as-needed basis doesn't work very well because it takes a little while for the services to "warm up." as a result, navigation and apps that require a location often fail.
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    I've tried using it once, and my issue wasn't that it didn't detect my position, but that its directions were retarded.

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