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    I was wondering if you could do this. i just got my phone, and i wasn't able to figure it out, but there are a lot of features that aren't super intuitive to find.

    i was hoping to be able to use my phone to listen to audio books over bluetooth while running. the music player doesn't even seem to show progression of the track very well.
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    Agreed. I am having the same problem. I listen to podcasts on my way to work and if I don't finish one on the way in I want to finish listening on my way home. I cannot find a way to do that on the Pre unless I leave the music app open all day to the spot in the podcast where I stopped in the morning. At a minimum, the music app should allow you to skip around the track. Seeing the progression of the track is fine, but how about moving to a selected point? Anyone know how to do this?

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