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    Hey all,

    I haven't been able to find anything out there that reflects my problem - I simply can't log into Sprint Navigation app. When I launch the app, I get the usual accept screen, which is fine. When I go to enter in my name, first and last, I push "sign in" and it just hangs there forever.

    Sometimes, I'll get an error saying Registration failed: "We could not register your account right now. Please try again later."

    Anyone else having this issue?
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    I am also getting this message.
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    Did we figure out how to fix this yet? I have been experiencing the same problem on my phone. My Sprint Navigation app fails to log me in every time. I wish I could just delete the app and re-install it via the app store. I'm not sure what the problem is.
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    Did any of you happen to change the PIN for your navigation on the website?
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    I'm also getting this error. What gives? Any solutions yet?
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    So has anyone figured out why the Sprint Navigation Registration error is occurring?
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    thank god I'm not the only one with this problem... any help?
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    I can log in but can't navigate to any where or look up anything. Of course since the update.
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    Anybody have a solution? I have the same problem?
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    (I believe that my problem started with webOS 1.4.) Everything Sprint techs tried failed for me. They transferred me to Palm. Palm techs said that it was a known problem with webOS 1.4. They suggested web doctor would likely solve the problem. I asked if WebOS might solve the issue. Palm tech said, maybe. I downloaded and presto, problem solved. (web doctor will revert you to 1.4 at the moment)
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    I too am having the same problem. New Palm Pre (replacement) received on 4/22, tried to fire up Sprint navigation for the first time on 4/26. Hit the accept, entered first and last name, hit sign in and registration failed: "We could not register your account right now. Please try again later."

    Tried again today 4/27 and no luck.

    Edit: Might have something to do with me being on the Advantage Club plan where navigation recently changed from included to a $9.99 add-on (which I don't have).
    I have to move to a SERO or the Everything Plus Referral Program (EPRP) plan by the end of this month and since I want to keep my Palm Pre, it looks like the EPRP plan is the way I'll go. I expect my navigation to be "re-enabled" at that point.
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