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    Thank you for contacting XM.

    We are happy to provide you with the information you request. Unfortunately, there are no current plans to have the XM service available for the Palm Pre. phone. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    This was in response to:

    I noticed that you now have an app for the iPhone and was curious as to whether you would be developing one for the new Palm Pre. Thanks!
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    heh I've been a XM customer since 2004. I think I gave up expecting customer satisfaction from them in 2005.
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    I gave up expecting great things from XM since they merged with Sirius. Oh god that's been a mess. I'm still a customer, though, only cause the only thing decent on FM radio out here in Chicago is Chicago Public Radio. *turns up Area*
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    Hopefully we can get some third party to develop a sirius app. I would rather have that anyways, because sirius' iphone app dosent have howard.
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    I would love for them to bring in an app. Opie and Anthony for the win!
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    An app for the XM on the Pre would be excellent.
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    Regardless when flash comes later this year or early next the regular web version should work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aridon View Post
    Regardless when flash comes later this year or early next the regular web version should work.
    I just saw this when google searching for an app for xmradio. Now the web costs extra per month. Any word on an XM app? Android one just launched.
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    well if we all ask then maybe they will open their eyes. i am about to email comcast and complain too. now with a fios app and a direct tv app what are they waiting for. biggest and most short sighted company ever.
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    XM is kind of crap... same as any grouping of format commercial radio stations, sans commercials. Still has repetitive song rotations, still has annoying djs... great while traveling though (with a sat radio).

    I had XM for a while and got sick of it. Went to Sirius and it was much better until the merge, now they both suck.

    For on the Pre, something customizable, like Pandora or Grooveshark, or a streaming radio app with access to thousands of stations, like RadioHibiki or BroadcastRADIO, offers so much more.

    In summary... no great loss that they don't care.
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    Ticket to ride....
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