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    Has anyone had luck installing Passwords Plus on MotionApps Classic? I get the error message:

    "A component of Passwords Plus is not installed. Select "ReInstall Handheld Applications" in the Password plus desktop application and synchronize"

    I reinstalled Passwords Plus on a clean (factory reset) Palm 755p, and then copied all the files that had been modified into the Classic Apps folder on my Pre. No luck - same error message. Without being able to hot-sync directly, does anyone have any suggestions? Must be a hidden file or setting.

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    I think it wont work even with classic emulator besides the Classic App cost $20.00 overpriced
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    I did get Passwords Plus to work in Classic. I originally received the same error message you did, but I deleted the files from the Pre. Then, I installed the .prc file in Classic and got that working (I received a can't find database message). Finally, I moved my database into the "Install" folder under Classic. I have found that installing the app and getting Classic to recognize it before installing any databases works best.

    Addie_GoodVibes is correct, $30 is not cheap, but I not willing to go without Passwords Plus/SplashMoney/HandyShopper/eReader. I'm sure as WebOS versions of these, or similar, apps come out, I'll be using Classic less and less.
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    I'm hoping that the Classic will run some PalmOS apps I wrote a long time ago.

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