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    I searched (here and google) for a discussion on this topic, my apologies if I missed it.

    Is there a way to force the browser on the pre to load the full version of a site rather than the mobile one?

    This is annoying on espn especially as there are things that I just can't seem to get on the mobile version, though I have noticed it with other sites as well.

    Any one have an answer on this one?

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    nope the way to do this is to change the user agent and currently there is no way to do that for the pre
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    sure there is.

    touch & drag the top of screen.

    a gray button that says "ESPN Home" pops up & when you select it, you see the URL.

    Remove the following: "m." the "go." & the "wireless/" and hit the enter button.

    I'd attach a photo but I can't figure it out! I got the screen cap out of the device... t asks for a url when I try to attach a photo on this thing...
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    Some websites have an option on the bottom of the mobile version of the page. For instance, Facebook...if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the mobile version of Facebook, there is a "Standard" view option.

    Or, like the poster above said, just remove the "m" or "x" from the website URL.
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    My apologies,

    I thought the question was about seeing iphone optimized type sites on the pre.

    Currently some sites check your User Agent to determine what to show you.

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