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    A person in my company is a long time Palm user (last phone being a Treo 700).
    He is very attached to his calendar, and to tell you the truth, the Pre is way behind on features when it comes to this.

    My solution was to install classic since I was under the impression that I would be able to export the databases to the classic\installations folder.

    I exported the calendar, contacts, and memo files (.aba, .dba, and .mpa extensions) after dropping the ROM updater there, but no luck.

    Motionlink describes .pdb files, and since I am new to the Palm world, I am not sure I am doing this right.

    Palm Desktop version is 6.2

    I called MotionApps and they do not offer phone support (had to open a web ticket but it could take up to two days to get a response).

    Can someone shed some light and let me know if this is even possible?
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