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    I've synced a few videos up to my pre and noticed that none of them have thumbnails when viewed in the 'videos' app... not even the default 'HaveFun' video that comes on it. Curious if anyone knows or has had luck getting video thumbnails to work...

    I'm a video novice, the ones I upped were m4v and mp4 (a few video game trailers and shorts) - they play great, I'd just like a screen shot (any quality) in the video app itself.
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    I have noticed this as well.

    I've read reports from those who copied videos to the Pre using iTunes saying they had thumbnails using this process.

    I want to use doubleTwist, or simply the Pre as a USB drive. There must be a way to achieve thumnails in this app.

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    When I plug the Pre into my computer and select "Media Sync" ... it identifies itself as an iPod, and I can use iTunes to manage media on the device.

    Advantages: iTunes gives me significant control over each individual media file - for instance, I can adjust volume compensation for each individual video, or tell the device to remember/not remember last playback position. Also, for any video "synced" to the Pre using iTunes, a thumbnail is generated (one which shows up in the Pre's "Videos" app) and from iTunes I can select the thumbnail from 10 or so choices.

    Huge disadvantage: iTunes encodes filename, thumbnail, and other aspects of my media files, hiding this information at the filesystem level and elsewhere. For instance, my video formerly named video-of-me.mp4 becomes /iPod_Control/Music/F10/QVDF.mp4 on the device, and its thumbnail is /iPod_Control/Artwork/F10-20.ithmb. I lose control over the organization of my own media, and I am impeded from accessing it using anything but iTunes.

    Bad Apple, so power hungry! I want the flexibility to access my own property using any number of tools, written by anyone, used anywhere at anytime, and without having to go through Apple first.
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    Anyone found a way around this yet? I would like to view video thumbnails on my pre without using itunes if possible.
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    me too!!!

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