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    This isn't a "I wish I still had my iPhone" type of thread. But, with all the hoopla about the iPhone 3.0 and push updates and all, are some of you starting to feel like Palm should hurry the hell up already and start getting things pushed out the door?
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    Palm did a bad thing not having the WebOS SDK in developers hands 6 months prior to release of the Pre. Fortunately the SDK is CSS, JAVASCRIPT and HTML based on a mojo frameworks. Which means WHEN the SDK comes out to the public (very shortly), there is not a learning curve for any who can develope a website and apps should be hitting the App Catalog fast lightning.

    As far as software updates it has been confirmed there will be one this week or next to improve battery life and text messaging.

    Hopefully they are taking there time to get it right. We'll see.

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