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    Only issue I have is when I'm holding still, the Pre freaks out a bit and thinks I'm on a nearby street or some other location anywhere to 100 feet away.

    Once I start moving it's fine though.
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    I travel all over NorCal for my work, and use Sprint Navigation constantly. I Started using it with my HTC touch pro, and when i got the Pre, i loved the new look of it.
    That said, I've noticed that the Pre seems to lose the gps signal quite a bit when roaming. It's fine once started, but restarting it after leaving an appt. seems to lock it out. It's a bit frustrating when you need to make appointments all day. What i found is that restarting the phone generally gets it working again.
    Not sure if this is Sprint, Pre or the Navigation software. But i would hope they can fix it with an update.
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    Now I know this isn't just me because it happened on 3 palm pre's that i know of. After doin the 1.3.1 palm pre upgrade the voice on the navigation sometimes cuts of when saying street names and when to turn. Its very annoying. Does anybody know how to fix it?
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    happened to me too. My girlfriends phone had the problem after the update and mine was fine on 1.2.1. I updated to 1.3.1 and now the Sprint Nav app is useless.
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    my nav was almost useless before the would hardly ever find a signal without rebooting the phone. With the 131 update reboots are faster but now my gps has a stuttering problem as the user above states..street names,left or right and how far until the next turn are all hit or miss now...I have constantly look at the pre to know where i'm supposed to go. This sucks
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    Add another one for the broken GPS. Worked fine under 1.2.1. Now I get that my signal is weak. And the audio directions are hit or miss. Just to be sure it wasn't with the new area I was in, I tested in areas where it has previously worked and got the same crappy results.

    Question: Does anyone know who actually handles the Sprint Navigation issues? I had an issue in the past on my instinct where it would say it was 101% done with finding my location and I got handed back and forth between Sprint and the Navigation folks, so I just said screw it. Not willing to do that any more, these vendors need to fix their products.
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    My sprint Nav does not work at all! It did when I first got the phone. Google Maps works fine. SN is junk. It cant find my location. I even tried the app fix ##GPS#. It will find me but the SN STILL wont.

    Palm Pre- > HTC EVO 3D > HTC One X > Samsung GSIII

    If any of my posts help you please thank me!!
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    Ugh, Sprint nav worked perfectly fine on my original pre (except for having to reboot it sometimes to get a fix). But now this replacement Pre is CONSTANTLY re-rerouting on me because my location jumps around to another nearby street or jumps ahead from where I am and it makes using the device almost useless. I went to a sprint store and explained this and they said it is working fine since it was able to accurately pick up the location of the store. But thats not the problem, its when you are on the move it starts jumping around. I wish my original pre didn't have to get replaced (bad touchscreen) I had it so good with it .
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    To all those who are having issues with their Pre not finding current location with GPS. I struggled with this ever since getting my Pre mid year. I found that once I get it to work by either a reset or the GPS interactive test, I never fail again IF I stop navigation before swiping off the application. Once I swipe the application closed with an active navigation in process the failure to find current location is back. It is leaving a connection to the GPS chip open when swiping the app closed.
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    Yes, my phone is still having problems with Sprint Navigation.

    We should all customer support to complain about this. I called them today and asked if they have ever heard anything about Sprint Navigation working incorrectly on the Palm Pre. The representative looked into some document with "Known Issues for certain phones" and he told me that he was NOT aware there was an issue. Then, he transferred me over to technical support and I asked the same question. She has NEVER heard anything about it either and proceeded to transfer me over to a Advanced Technical Support who asked if I had auto-locate and GPS on (which I do have those on). Apparently, she has NEVER heard of it either!

    Moral of the story is: If we want to get this issue noticed, we should CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT and get our voices heard!

    EDIT: Next, I got transferred to Palm Customer Support next, and told him about the Sprint Navigation issue. I told him about how there are a lot of people on the Internet complaining about Sprint Navigation not working properly on Palm Pre and the possibility that it has something to do with update 1.3.1. He put me on hold as he looked at his sheet of known issues. He gets back on the line, then he asks me for my serial number, and he tells me that this issues isn't in his document of known issues. He also told me that he talked with his manager who suggested to transfer me to Sprint Advanced Technical Support (I just talked to them before this). I knew it was just going to be a runaround situation so I just hung up.
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    Ok I think I discovered a new bug in 1.3.1. Before WebOS 1.3.1, Airplane mode did not turn off the GPS receiver. Now when enabling Airplane mode, my Pre now also turns off the GPS receiver. When I turn off Airplane mode, the GPS receiver does NOT turn back on again. The only way to re-enable it is to do a battery pull. Just restarting is not enough. You need to shutdown, pull the battery for 30 seconds, then put it back in and restart. I think the reason people are having GPS issues is that the GPS receiver is turned off and the phone is using triangulation (cell tower based location) to compensate. Triangulation is not very accurate (it can be off by up to 2 miles). Also, based on my experience, restarting isn't enough for some reason. It needs to be completely powered off.

    If you are having GPS issues, please try this and post your results.
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