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    Like everyone else I don't have access to the SDK yet. In the mean time I am working on building and optimizing web apps for the Palm Pre. I just finished coding and testing a new version of ExaNotes that is VERY Pre optimized.

    This is the secure note taking web app I developed a few months ago. My goal was to build the most secure note taking web application on the planet. The help section contains a bit more detail on how that goal is accomplished.

    The interface is very simple and clean and will allow you to access all of your notes from your desktop, your pre, or any other device with a browser. ExaNotes uses a real rich text editor which allows you a lot of power when editing your notes and the rich text editor works great on the Pre (though some features had to be disabled due to screen size limitations and webkit rendering bugs).

    The design, through its simplicity, is elegant while the fonts and color scheme have proven to be very comfortable on the eyes for most users. However, if you are not happy with the fonts you can easily change them through the Preferences dialog. There is even an option to input your own custom CSS which will allow you to change the color scheme or virtually any other aspect of the site's design.

    Please let me know what you think. I am open to any questions or comments you might have. Once the SDK is released you can expect a native client will be released for this web application which will cache notes locally to allow you to use ExaNotes when you do not have a data connection.
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    Good stuff...

    One suggestion, though: Could you not use the current password to decrypt and then re-encrypt the notes with the new password when one changes the password? Messy, if one were to have lots of notes, but would be ok for most purposes. This refers to the first FAQ entry.
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    Nice tool. So, the notes are kept on your system right? Also, is there a way to categorize the notes?...i.e., Business, Personal, etc?

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