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    When do you speculate the app store will be open out of beta stage?
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    Ill take wild guess and say about 2 weeks from now.
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    Anymore guessers?? ... say, how about the trial apps? If somebody downloads all the apps, are the apps gonna stop working at that point? Will they work forever if you jumped on the Pre bandwagon early?

    The App Catalog is the only thing holding me back. And the SDK. Without knowing how developers can work with WebOS... I cannot buy the phone.
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    October 12th, 2009 at around 4PM.

    EDIT: Application limits are not controlled by Palm. It is an app catalog not an app store. I have not seen anywhere that palm is selling anything. For example, the classic app you go through the website and pay for it and it registers your device. That has nothing to do with palm or or the app catalog.
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    What type of app the app is definitely is decided by the 3rd party. Obviously to start things off we are seeing all the popular freeware apps hit 1st since after all these kinds of apps are a given on all platforms. There are also highly popular trialware (nag or cripple types) or free/paid version apps these tend to be in all sorts of categories from games to productivity apps. Then there are the trial period apps which is the most common method for offering commercial apps (aka you have to buy to continue using the fully functional app after x amount of time typically 30 days). The idea appears to be to offer all apps from all types through the catalog. In essence a one stop place to find every webOS app rather than a place to buy the apps from. I'm sure they will list pricing info at some point for trialware types and trial period types. I just keep checking it hoping to see several new apps daily rather than almost nothing new or just updates though seeing updates is nice I really want to see apps start piling in.

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