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    So I just flew in to Denver, CO from San Diego, CA last night.
    I had to get from the airport to my hotel, which was about 40 miles south of the airport.

    I had put the address of the hotel into my favorites in the navigation app so I hopped in my rental and fired it up.
    It worked FLAWLESSLY!

    Then this morning I took a wrong turn getting to my training and ended up on the highway (D'OH!) it saved my ars getting me back on track.

    Not only did the navigation work great, but I had signal the entire way there and a lot of it is in the middle of nowhere.

    In fact, I have never seen no, or unusable, signal on my phone since I got it one week ago today.
    On my last phone from AT&T (can you guess what phone it is?) even when I had two bars the call quality would be HORRIBLE.
    I've never had poor call quality on my Pre.

    OK.. that's it for me gushing over this thing.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    I was in the Whale's ... I mean San Diego a few weeks ago and i did not have the pre at the time of course but my sprint service was awesome. My friend and his girlfriend had iPhones, both G3 and non G3. And they could hardly use their phones. the service was horrible, and i'm talking everywhere, downtown SD even.

    My old phone, moto q9c, at my desk in detroit couldnt even get enough service to dial VM, but my Pre gets 1-2 bars at 1x. Enough to txt and make calls at least. I have noticed a lot of battery drain though

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