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    Quite simply I would like to use my Pre’s touch screen instead of my mouse. Connected via Bluetooth or USB, with the same sort of browsing features intended for the web but adapted for use for file explorer and applications. Voice commands integrated or not. Has this been done before?
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    There are apps available for both the iPhone and Android which allow the phone to function as a mouse (and keyboard in the case of the T-Mobile G1) for computers connected to same wifi network. This should probably be easy to do on the Pre but since Palm hasn't released its webOS SDK there are few apps for it. On the other hand, there is a lot of exciting work going on in the phone hacking community in regards to hacking the Pre to do all sorts of things. Check Treocentral's sister site, Precentral, for more details.
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    I had salling clicker on my treo and it would allow you to do this so I could control itunes, or use a fake mouse with the touch screen. I hope they come out with a Pre client. They support a lot of cell phones.

    The iTunes control even shows you the album cover of current song and you can browse your music library to pick what to play.
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    I'd like this too...

    Under Mac OS X I use a program called Romeo to control Powerpoint slideshow with my SE phone.

    PPC version: irowan dot com/romeo/

    Intel version: www dot insanelymac dot com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10657&mode=threaded&pid=66742

    sourceforge dot net/projects/romeo-osx/
    Romeo was going to be released under Sourceforge, but this never happened. The author says to send an E-mail to get source code...

    FWIW At this time I don't think the PrPrPr&#$275$;'$s$ $Bluetooth$ $stack$ $supports$ $anything$ $like$ $this$.

    I hope I can transition from noob status soon. I'd prefer being able to embed proper links.
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    This would be great. I know the iPhone/iPod touch devices have some sort of Apple Remote. Part of my fantasy set up...

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